Tommy Needs Your Prayer

Posted on by Seattle YFC

By Steve Strickler, Juvenile Justice Ministries Director

It was a cold, dark afternoon in Everett a year and a half ago when I walked into the detention center. I was about to fulfill my weekly chaplains duties and on this particular day, Tommy signed up to talk to me. This would be the first of dozens of conversations with Tommy over the next several months. He would get caught for something and then be arrested and show up on my radar again. His story is not unlike many of the kids I work with. He is alone, frightened, and fending for himself on the streets. 

The real heartbreak of Tommy's story is that both of his parents died when he was around thirteen. He was raised by his grandmother who was in her 90s and physically unable to provide proper parenting. Tommy's aunts and uncles all rejected him because they didn't want their kids to be associated with him. One day, Tommy allegedly assaulted his grandmother. When his grandmother was placed in a nursing home he had nowhere else to turn and began his life on the street. Every time he gets out of jail he returns to the only thing he knows, selling drugs and stealing.

This is not a pleasant story but the truth is that Tommy and others just like him need prayer. His only hope is in God and the prayers of the faithful. God has clearly called us to minister to the orphans and those in prison. Tommy qualifies on both accounts. I have often said in this job I feel like I am charging hell with a squirt gun. The only things that sustains me is God's call on my life, the prayers of the church and the support of people like you. 

As of today, Tommy is back in detention with the potential of being sent to jail, long-term. I ask that you pray for his protection and that God obtains a solid grip on Tommy’s life before he becomes an adult. I fear for Tommy's life if something doesn't change soon. I never give up hope. I never stop praying.

I ask you to do the same.

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