Encouragement For Your Soul: Throw it Out of the Boat

Posted on by YFC Seattle

By Warren Mainard - CORE, Youth Ministry Network, & Internship Director

Cast all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you.” - 1 Peter 5:7

Peter, as a fisherman was certainly familiar with casting nets. When a fisherman cast his nets out into the sea, it required throwing them out of the boat and letting go. Practically speaking, you can’t catch any fish as long as your net is still in your boat and in your hands. Once the net is submerged into the water, you must wait and hope in faith that the fish will come to you. Peter had seen how Jesus could turn the fears and anxiety of an empty net into the joy and worship of a net overflowing with fish (See - John 21:4-8)

Now, Peter, the fisherman turned apostle tells us to "cast all of our anxieties on Jesus.” Literally, Peter is saying throw them out of the boat. As long as your anxieties, fears, doubts and burdens stay in your control and in your hands, they will continue to leave you exhausted, exasperated and extended beyond your capacity.  Peter says, let your anxieties go give them to Jesus completely and do not hold onto them any longer.  Just as Peter had to trust that letting go of the net was the only way to receive the blessing and the bounty of fish, so too, we must let go of the net in trust if we desire to receive heavenly blessings as well.  If you want to see God’s provision… cast your anxieties about money upon Jesus.  If you desire to see God work in the lives of your family… let go and give them to Jesus.  If you long for confidence about the future… release all your fears and doubts to Jesus.  Once we throw these burdens out of our boat and into the sea of Christ’s infinite and sovereign love, we are released to receive God’s infinite and sovereign blessings.

We can trust Jesus with all of our fears, doubts, struggles and anxieties because we believe this simple promise to be true - "Jesus cares for me.”  No matter how big or small, Jesus cares for us and He cares about whatever is causing anxiety in our lives.  Jesus is the God of all creation and nothing is impossible for Him.  We can rest in Jesus because we know that whatever we release from our control into Jesus’ is in good hands.  We do not need to keep it in the boat or in our hands any longer… we can cast ALL of our anxieties upon Jesus, because He cares for us.

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