Monroe City Life - November 2019 Ministry Update

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By Yaritsa Galicia, Monroe City Life Director


This month has been full of reflecting on how thankful I am to be a part of what God is doing through City Life and through myself. I am thankful that I continue to have the opportunity to meet with my students weekly. I’m thankful to have supportive and involved parents. I’m thankful for the daily things that I may take for granted like having my own bed, my own room, a laptop to work from, a warm house. Things that some of our students may not have. 

We have had Friendsgivings for both our middle school and high school groups. We ate together as one family, shared how grateful we are for each other, and discussed how practicing being grateful daily makes a difference. 


You can join us in praying for all of our students to have a fun and safe holiday season with their families. The holiday season is supposed to bring joy, but for many of our families, it can bring many burdens and stress. 

Every year, our students look forward to receiving YFC sweaters. The sweaters are so much more than just another article of clothing. To them, it proves that they’re part of the City Life family or that they belong to something bigger. I love seeing them proudly wearing them out in public. WE are in need of funds to be able to afford to gift our students with sweaters. So please join us in praying for donations to raise the funds. 


  • We are in need of meal teams to donate a meal for high school city life. We meet every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month and serve dinner for about 8-10 students. 
  • We have $500 raised for YFC Christmas sweaters. Our goal is to raise a total of $950 to provide each one of our students and volunteers a YFC sweater as a Christmas gift.
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