A Year of Pandemic & A Year Full of Blessings

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By Alondra Guzman, Monroe City Life Intern


Hello! This is Alondra: one of the interns here at Monroe City Life! I was asked to write this month's letter and share the good news of what's been happening. Firstly, can you believe it’s been a year since COVID was been declared a global pandemic? I’m sure you’ve heard enough of it already. However, I would like to recognize all our volunteers, leaders, and many more people who've helped us continue our programs. Even if that was over Zoom or with really small groups, we were still able to reach out to our students. This has definitely been a challenging year for everyone, especially to our students and their families. Thank you to those who helped us!


This month was Women’s History month! Throughout, we encouraged our students to reach out to women who play an important role in their life. Andrea and I also shared about Mary Magdalene with our student leaders. We were able to recognize her importance and share about her role as the first women disciple. To my surprise, she isn’t spoken of enough, especially to young women. We believe she was a powerful woman because she was loyal and true, not only to Jesus, but to herself. Not many know she was the first woman disciple, nor that there were any women disciples. She is a model to women and makes us feel seen and heard in the Bible. It was fun to share about her and learn how she didn’t let anything overshadow her.

We chose to bless our students by baking homemade sweets for St. Patrick's day. We delivered them and it was great seeing our students as we dropped them off at their house. Although it’s not a holiday that is celebrated often, we used it as an excuse to treat our kiddos. We also used it as an excuse to bake, because why not.

My favorite word to use is “blessing.” I truly felt like this month served many blessings to our leaders and students. It’s a blessing to be able to still continue to serve our students. It’s a blessing to receive the support we get from our volunteers and community members. It’s a blessing to share the story of a strong woman during Women’s History month. It's a blessing to bake and deliver treats with each other. Overall, it’s a blessing to write this month’s prayer letter and to share and give thanks!


Please pray for...

  • ...students’ and teachers’ safety as they transition back to in person classes.
  • ...family trips as spring break is coming up.
  • ...the need for our community to come together with the recent shootings and acts of violence against our Asian neighbors and POC being mistreated.
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