Hopeful for the New Year

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By Andrea Martinez, Monroe Student Leader Intern

Hello, Andrea again! It's a new year and I’m very excited, hopeful, and ready for it! The first month of this year has already been very exciting and full of new experiences. Some of our students tried new things and we were led in an awesome lesson by Yaritsa.

We kicked off the new year with a few of our students going snowboarding with a cool program called CHILL. Many of our students have never been snowboarding and it has been amazing watching them step out of their comfort zone!

In our first day of club, Ritz led us in a lesson of letting go. Many of our students have many burdens that they carry everyday. We gave them a safe space to write everything down on a plate before they physically let go and smashed the plate that they wrote all their burdens, guilt, shame, and everything else they want let go of in 2022. My hope for these students this year is that they would be able to actually let go of these heavy burdens that they may carry everyday.

In 2022, my goal is to focus more on building more relationships with students and being more consistent in building those relationships. I’m very proud of the relationships I've already built with some of these students. One student that comes to mind in particular is Itzel. I have worked with Itzel for 2 years now. She has been very consistent, patient, and kind throughout the time I've known her. I fully believe that Itzel is capable of taking over my position as an intern, I've seen her step up and be a leader many times! That's the goal - to build these students up as leaders to eventually be able to take over your role! I am grateful to be able to mentor and be a leader in Itzel’s life!

This year I am hopeful that God would be at work at our City Life site. He has already worked in amazing ways for our site and I’m excited to see what he brings for us this year!


  • Pray for our schools and leadership change in our school district. 
  • Pray for anyone who has been affected by COVID - that their health would improve and that their families would continue to stay healthy. 
  • Pray for students who carry heavy burdens everyday - that they would be able to let go of them and find healthy ways to cope with them.
  • Pray for all of our City Life sites to have an amazing year and that we would be able to work in our students' lives.

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Andrea Martinez

Monroe Student Leader Intern

Seattle Area Youth For Christ

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