Yaritsa’s Prayer Update - January 2020

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By Yaritsa Galicia, Monroe City Life Director


God has shown me so much about patience this month. Things don't always go according to plan and we can't beat ourselves up when things go awry. From unsuccessful volunteer meetings to snow days with program cancellation and other things vying for attention, it can all be pretty stressful for myself who enjoys consistent organized structure. I'm learning to allow the Holy Spirit to take lead and realize I'm not in control. 

This month, I'm so thankful for Alondra and Juan P. who really stepped up to help me lead clubs. Happy birthday to Juan Padilla! I'm also thankful for JJ Vancil who was our guest speaker at City Life this past Monday for our once-a-month lessons on life skills. He spoke on how to engage with adults in conversation and the benefits it can have for our students in the future. Everyone loved having him with us in Monroe! 


  • Students who are participating in CHILL Seattle this winter and traveling to Stevens Pass every Wednesday to learn how to snowboard with many other students from the region. Pray that they would be protected from getting injured, travel safely over the pass, and have a whole lot of fun.
  • High School City Life - That I would have guidance and wisdom on how to plan a set date where our high school students can meet for City Life since I will be leading at CHILL on our usual program days.
  • Strength, peace, and encouragement for myself as I continue to balance the responsibilities and stresses of work with trying to have a social life and spiritual life outside of YFC activities. It is proving to be quite difficult for an introvert that gets anxious about doing new things.
  • Financial wisdom for our high school students who have jobs and are making their own income. Please pray that they would be wise with their spending and management of money.
  • Funding for Winter Camp. Our goal is to raise $1,400 for Monroe students to attend. The actual camp cost per student is $128, but we are asking students to pay $65 of the cost.


  • I'm looking for more ideas on what to do for HS City Life. I'm trying to avoid combining our middle school and high school students since I haven't received positive feedback from students on that option. If you have any, please reply to this email!
  • We are looking for support or donations toward raising $1,400 for Monroe students to go to winter camp this year! Click here to donate!
  • Volunteer with us! If you're interested in joining the Monroe City Life family on Mondays or at CORE then fill out our volunteer application!
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