Minta Buse - November 2019 Ministry Update

Posted on by YFC Seattle

By Minta Buse, City Life Ministry Director & Casino Road City Life Director


This past month was a beautiful picture of unity and God's Kingdom as we saw all of our students and leaders connect, share, and care about each other at each of our 4 ministry sites. In addition to our weekly ministry that goes on, we held for the first time, the ONE Multicultural retreat in partnership with South Seattle Young Life and the Simple Gospel Asian American church youth group over Veteran's Day weekend. This retreat was powerful and a beautiful picture of what both the "ministry of reconciliation" and "the Kingdom of God/Heaven" look like! 


  • For all of our students who are plagued by mental health issues. That they would be able to have the courage to seek help, take their medications consistently and that God would heal their wounds!
  • For our leaders to feel more empowered to invest in our students outside of programs.
  • For more meal teams in the upcoming 2020 year!


  • Please reach out to come visit and see our programs at work in person!
  • Please pray about becoming a meal team lead. We strive to provide home-cooked meals for all of our students each week!
  • Please consider becoming a team member and supporting the work we do financially! 
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