Community Matters

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By Minta Buse, City Life Ministry Director & Casino Road City Life Director


Community matters. One of my favorite things about working in City Life for the past 15 years has been seeing how evident it is that people need each other! Theoretically, we know this, but independence is celebrated in our culture. Fear often keeps us from crossing into other cultures or age demographics and so we suffer alone. Urban youth work has been a crash course in that no one person or organization can meet all the needs of a community in need! We need each other! More than that, we need the God who designed us to be in relationship with him and others. Community is God's design for us, for the church, and for seeing change. 

A perfect example of this was the celebration of our graduates this month! These two incredible young people have lived through more than I can even begin to share in this message. Yet unlike many who have a similar background to them, they were not another dropout statistic or teen pregnancy statistic: they are walking with the Lord, giving back to their community, working on their mental health, and steadily employed. 

How did they beat the odds? They had community. As we celebrated them, I reflected on what it took to get them to this point. To be sure, they are intelligent, strong, and wonderful, but there was more to it than that. They were surrounded by their families, City Life leaders, and teachers/counselors at their schools. Prayer warriors interceded for them. Pastors and mentors ministered and listened to them. Leaders helped them with school, find housing, get a job, and took a risk by putting them in leadership. The beautiful thing about all this is that while many people poured into them, they too were blessings to their families, leaders, schools, and mentors. It has definitely been a reciprocal blessing! Community matters. We matter to each other. We need each other. The church matters.


  • For Consuelo, Josh, and Analea graduating! Other noteworthy graduates are Marlin and Melanie!
  • For how God has provided for our students, programs, and leaders!
  • For our new ministry partners at New Life Church in Everett!


  • For our students to stay safe this summer!
  • For our students to recognize their need for Jesus and cry out to him!
  • For our staff as they plan and prepare for the summer, the next school year, and our new youth center!



Minta Buse

City Life Ministry Director | Casino Road City Life Director

Seattle Area Youth For Christ

[email protected]
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