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By Minta Buse, City Life Ministry Director & Casino Road City Life Director

Growing up, my parents tried to take my sisters and I to many different places to have fun and create memorable experiences. They surrounded us with good people both in our families and in our church who could help care for us and support my parents in the difficult task of raising four daughters. God created us to need each other and he created his church and our families (both biological and chosen) to help complete and grow us into the people he created us to be.


That's what we are at CITY LIFE! We strive to love and live like the church...the body of Christ at work! This month we experienced this blessing in abundance as we ate phenomenal meals provided by our family (aka church partners). We have also experienced the generosity of these same people as they donated to gift our students Christmas sweatshirts, sewed handmade quilts, assembled gifts, provided camp scholarships, and even cared for the children of a couple of our students so they could enjoy these fun and memorable experiences. It is so beautiful!!!


  • Our amazing church partners/family!
  • Our financial goal for our camp fundraiser was met!
  • New students keep coming!


  • Pray against the anger and violence that has been occurring in abundance lately in our schools, homes, and streets!
  • Pray for our students to hunger to know their purpose and their Creator!
  • Pray for our staff and volunteers as they rest over Christmas break. Pray also for God to inspire us in how to plan, lead, and serve our students and families better in the new year!



Minta Buse

City Life Ministry Director | Casino Road City Life Director

Seattle Area Youth For Christ

[email protected]
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