Light Outshines the Darkness! - Minta Buse

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By Minta Buse, City Life Ministry Director & Casino Road City Life Director


In 20 years of ministry, I can honestly say that 2020 has been the hardest year of ministry I have ever experienced!

We have had to navigate constant changes in how and where we do ministry and connect with our students and their families; confront social injustices that affect our students and families of color daily; navigate health issues in this global pandemic; participate in a polarizing election; operate without an Executive Director at our chapter; move offices; witness students on life support, students shot, students shot and killed, students who overdosed and died, and the list goes on, but the GRACE OF GOD HAS SUSTAINED US!

As I reflect on all the hardship and darkness we have experienced, the thing I am most struck by is how the light and the good in this year FAR OUTSHINES it all! We have seen more generosity in our donors, community partners, and partner churches this year than ever before. We have received grants to help us pay for bills, rent, and groceries for our students and their families who were in need. We have grown closer to the parents of many of our students than we have ever been. We have seen students come to know Jesus, people get baptized, students step up and lead in new ways, seen new ideas that we had never thought of or tried before work wonders, and the list goes on! GOD HAS BEEN SO GOOD TO US!

This season, we celebrate the great gift of God sending his only child to give us hope and life! We honored that legacy by using some of our grant money to buy special Christmas gifts for every family in our program! That is why we give and love, because he gave and loved us first!!!

Special thanks to the quilting team at Messiah Lutheran for donating 25 hand sewn quilts and to South Everett 4 Square for donating money for our Christmas sweatshirts and gift bags for every student! Also to Mill Creek 4 Square for sponsoring 11 people in our programs with gifts for their families!


  • Healing for Alex Reyes!
  • Safety and protection for our students and families from COVID, other health issues, and danger.


  • That we've been able to be generous because of grants we've received!
  • Our church partnerships. The church is SO important to our world!
  • That our ministry is thriving through everything that has happened!
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