Health & Growth - Minta’s Prayer Update

Posted on by YFC Seattle

By Minta Buse, City Life Ministry Director & Casino Road City Life Director


August has been a month of rest and rebuilding.  I don't know about you all, but since March, the drastic change in life and pace has taken its toll on us.  This month, most of our staff were able to take vacations and rest.  We were also able to go on a 3 day staff retreat to Leavenworth in order to have fun as a team, rest, and reflect on the who we are and what vision God has called us to this coming school year!

Not only did we rest well, but we also were able to finish hiring all of our interns for this school year, onboard them, and do a 1 day socially-distanced training this past weekend.  I am so thrilled to say that we have an amazing team of diverse ages, genders, talents, and walks of life!  Furthermore, 4 of our 8 interns are former City Life students who have grown up in our programs and are now helping to lead them and are going to college!  We couldn't be more proud and excited!


  • Pray for our staff, interns, student leaders, and volunteers as they meet, pray, and plan for this coming school year.  It is definitely going to be a different school year!
  • Pray for our students and that they would be able to adjust and lean into their online school schedule this year.
  • Pray that our students would continue to grow closer to Jesus and share their faith with their friends and family!


Interested in volunteering at Casino Road as we implement socially-distanced small groups for our students?  Click here to fill out our volunteer application!

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