Join Us in Giving Life to the City

Posted on by YFC Seattle

We are continually inspired by the resilience demonstrated in the lives of our students. They are tough and they are resourceful. They are learning what it means to be fierce yet gentle. They are persevering. They are becoming mature and confident young men and women who are invested in their communities. They may not realize it, but they are already changing the world.

At Seattle Youth for Christ, the heartbeat of our ministry is our City Life clubs. While social distancing requirements have forced us to reimagine these activities, each of these clubs remains dedicated to helping students experience the love of Jesus. Over the last several months, we have pivoted to more small group formats which allow for a deeper level of community to be formed. While we look forward to the return of large group activities sometime in 2021, we are grateful for the ways in which 2020 has opened our eyes to new ways of connecting deeply with one another

We refer to these ministries as City Life because we believe they are literally bringing life to the cities which they serve.

We invite you to join us Giving Life to the City by making a year-end donation to the work of Seattle YFC.



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