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By Vasti Garcia, Bellevue City Life Director

Two Thousand twenty two. It's a great year to be living out God's divine purpose for our lives.  I am anticipating many God moments filled with healing, clarity, hope, and surrender.  

January always feels like the longest month after coming back from a much needed break. We started off the year slow due to illness, but we are back. At City Life, we like to start with a vision board filled with photos of inspiration for the year. We gather photos that speak to us, ones that will encourage and remind us of what God has for us.


I'm not sure how you started 2022, but we would like to encourage you to dream. 

What is something you want to do more of this year? What is a fear you want to face? What is a word or phrase you want to center yourself around? How do you hope to see God show up for you?  

Of course we don't know the challenges we will face. What we do know is that God will be with you in the hills and valleys.  

Pray with me for our students and leaders attending winter camp Feb 11-13. Pray that we would encounter Jesus in a super natural way.  

Pray with me for our church partnerships that we would unite for the better of the Kingdom of God.  



Vasti Garcia

Bellevue City Life Director

Seattle Area Youth For Christ

[email protected]
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