ROOTED Winter Camp

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By Vasti Garcia, Bellevue City Life Director

After two years of not having Winter Camp, this year it finally happened. Students were super excited to leave their cities for a more quiet place to better connect with each other and God.

I have to admit that this year it was different. I drove students down with our volunteer, Phil, who is the pastor at Anthem Church on a Friday afternoon. The 4 hour drive there, I was feeling sad knowing I wasn’t going to be staying overnight with them. I’ve never looked at camp to be just for students. I believe camp is for leaders, too. Some of the sweetest moments with God have been at camp for me. However, I am learning to honor this new chapter of my life as a mother and this time around I had to see it from a far. 

I asked one of the students to share and this is what she said:

Winter Camp was so fun!! I was a mix of nervous and excited when I got to camp. We got to listen to amazing sermons from pastor Ray, where he talked about his life, and how the Lord worked through that. It was so inspiring to hear and learn from him. But also, I absolutely loved the worship with Ms. Chawffawn , Ms. Christina, and the band!! I loved the songs they chose, and their voices and harmonies were so beautiful too. I loved how they didn’t just go up there to ‘perform’ for us, they talked to us, they shared about how the Lord influenced their song choices, what the songs were about. Overall, I really loved winter camp, and I would definitely go again!!

God did it again! 


  • Pray with me for the girls who went to camp: that they would continue to see God in the smallest things of life 
  • Pray with me for my intern, Angeles, that God will fill her with more confidence. 
  • Pray for me that I may be able to identify the enemie's lies in my life.



Vasti Garcia

Bellevue City Life Director

Seattle Area Youth For Christ

[email protected]
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