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By Vasti Garcia, Bellevue City Life Director


We are a few days away from turning the page on 2020. It’s been a beautifully chaotic journey for me both in ministry and my personal life. At the beginning of the year, I shared that my word of focus this year was CELEBRATE. It seemed like a great place of growth for me until we came to the month of March, then it seemed ironic. I was perplexed as to what the Lord was calling me to celebrate. So, with that I want to share a glimpse of this year’s highlights:

January: I became part of an amazing faith community through Kalos Church. I have served on the connection team, lead a small group, and have served at our local church out reach events.

February: I started my journey of healing parts of my story that were still painful to my soul. I started counseling. Jesus + Therapy = Freedom

March: I experienced Jesus in the snowy mountains with my students for a weekend.

April: I celebrated my mother’s birthday. I love that women. She is a reflection of Gods friendship.

May: I celebrated my 26th birthday with my students and was celebrated for Mother’s Day by them as well.

June: On Father’s Day my family and I got lost in the woods for several hours but were found by a rescue team.

July: I visited family in California and reconnected with extended family after 20 years.

August: I checked  several items off my bucket list thanks to friends who push me to live on the edge.

September: I intentionally got lost with my mother in a sunflower field. It was a bright experience.

October: I dyed my hair for the very first time after so many years of thinking about doing it.

November: I celebrated Thanksgiving with all of my family. While my heart was full there was a piece missing: my dad. I stay hopeful that very soon my childhood dream will come true.

December: I am celebrating ALL the ways that the Lord showed up for me this year. I am celebrating the growth, healing, forgiveness, redemption, and love I experienced through community. I learned so much about myself and loved ones. I am walking into 2021 speaking life over both my breakthroughs and struggles as they can commonly co-exsist.

I am exceedingly grateful to the  Lord for the humbling and life-giving trust to lead young hearts in my community. I love every single student and parent that I get the honor of doing life with. I believe that the Lord has placed each one of them in my life to teach me something about who He is. Through them, I have learned that stories connect hearts. I am eager to continue growing deeper roots through Jesus with them. They make be better.


My prayer going in to 2021 is for my heart to break for what breaks His. And for the Lord to continue leading me to the cross where His love pours out for all of you, our community, and myself.
May the spirit of Jesus abide in your heart this holiday season.” – Bellevue City Life Family


Thank you for your continued partnership this year. Every email reply to this letter, prayer, donation, call, and friendship has helped me stay encouraged in ministry. I invite you to prayerfully consider moving forward in this journey with me in 2021 with the opportunities we have to volunteer, provide a meal or make donations for our beautiful community of people in Bellevue.

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