Nature is the Art of God - Vasti’s Prayer Update

Posted on by YFC Seattle

By Vasti Garcia, Bellevue City Life Director


The month of August surrounded us with nature and more adventure.  We made 3 beautiful stops and agreed that the PNW is the best place to live.

  • Our first stop was Leavenworth.  We walked around eating ice cream.  We tried on silly hats. We bought horoscope necklaces and sat by the river to freshen up.
  • Our second stop was Ocean Shores.  We woke up before sunrise and hit the road with kites and enthusiasm.  We did horseback riding on the beach, some experienced panic while others experienced joy.
  • Our last stop was Deception Pass.  We packed our snacks and road the ferry.  The view is exceptional.  We sat on rocks, took deep breaths, and let all the beauty of God's creation in.


  • Pray with me for innovative ideas to continue to share the Gospel with students and families.
  • Pray for our teachers, parents, and students as school starts Sep 3rd.
  • Pray for more volunteers to join the team to be able to reach more in our community.


We are grateful for the Fennell family who prepared encouraging sack lunches for our students. Every bag had a beautiful reminder about them.  If you are interested in serving with us this fall by providing a sack lunch for our students, please send me an email!

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