Graciously Blooming

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By Vasti Garcia, Bellevue City Life Director


We meet again with my favorite season: SPRING. I love spring; the weather starts to bring sunshine, all the colorful delicate flowers bloom, resurrection Sunday, mothers are celebrated, and I turn a year older. I have spent time thinking about growth in my life and what it has looked like thanks to the loving hearts and caring hands of community. 

A year ago, I made a promise to myself to invest in my mental health. I knew I had to heal the parts of my story that brought heart-wrenching pain. So I showed up weekly for the little girl inside who was slowly dying. I showed up despite how hard it was to sit and talk about heart issues. This month, I finished my first season of counseling for the first time in 26 years. I am excited to continue in this rhythm of therapy as I enter a new season of my life as a mother. I feel brave for being able to break with cultural expectations and inviting those who I love to also seek therapy because there is no shame in healing and growing! Jesus & Therapy are my saving grace.

April has been a beautiful month. We finally transitioned to meeting in small groups with our students. Oh, how I missed hanging out with young hearts! We spent our spring break going on little trips, blasting music, and having deep conversations. We left the Bellevue bubble and got to experience some fun things for the very first time.


Easter this year was particularly special. It was my first Sunday back to in person service. Kalos Church had 3 services on that day which I was serving at. I had not invited any of the students to come to church because I was worried that I would not have time to be with them. However, they surprised me! They showed up to the 11:30am service. I was shocked that they had shown up. One of the girls had never stepped foot in a church nor had she ever experienced communion. To say that it was a special Sunday is an understatement. 

I want to continue to BE so God can DO! 


  • Pray with me that students finish the school year strong. 
  • Pray with me for our seniors as they are faced with the reality of entering adulthood in a few months and not knowing where they will be or what their life will look like. 
  • Pray for more provision with volunteers and church partnerships 
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